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Beautiful Crater Lake in south central Oregon

Local chapters and Divisions of NFB of Oregon

Local Chapters:

At-Large Chapter

The state of Oregon is made up of many rural regions which poses unique challenges for organizing traditional NFB chapters. The At-Large Chapter is a chapter that meets via conference call instead of in person. Its purpose is NOT to replace in person chapter meetings, but rather to accommodate those who are either too far away to attend an in person chapter meeting, are unable to attend chapter meetings because of extenuating circumstances, or those who have schedule conflicts that prevent them from being a part of an in person chapter.

Capital City Chapter

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Pictured at the left is the capitol building for the state of Oregon. Salem, the capital city of Oregon and its second largest city, lies in the center of the lush Willamette River valley, 47 miles from Portland. Salem is a city of over 47 square miles, located an hour from the Cascade mountains to the east and an hour from the ocean beaches to the west. The Capital City Chapter serves the blind and the community in Oregon's capital city.

Portland Metro Area Chapters

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Portland, City of Roses, has been described as America's most European city. Perhaps because it is a good walking city, with tons of public transportation. Pictured on the left are two light rail trains serving downtown. There is also a progressive atmosphere that celebrates the arts, a culture of great food, artisen coffee, beer and wine and neighborhoods chocked full of shops selling homemade clothes, crafts and furniture. The Portland metropolitan area is served by two local chapters; Portland Central Chapter and Rose City Chapter.

Linn-Benton Chapter

The cities of Albany and Corvallis plus surrounding communities of Oregon’s mid Willamette Valley are served by the Lin-Benton Chapter.

Southern Oregon Chapter

Medford, Ashland, Grants Pass and the other cities and communities of Southern Oregon are served by the Southern Oregon Chapter.


Diabetes Action Network

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Blind diabetics and those losing vision can continue to be independent. The blind can and do accurately draw up insulin, monitor blood glucose levels, etc. 'Limitations' are usually self-imposed, and often all that is needed to overcome negative thinking is simply to know where to go for information. Some equipment (i.e. audio output devices) has been adapted for the blind. By using alternative techniques and products, the blind can control their diabetes as efficiently as do their sighted peers.

The Diabetes Action Network of Oregon, a division of the National Federation of the Blind of Oregon, is a support and information network for all diabetics, especially those who are blind or losing vision.

Many of our members have experienced ramifications of diabetes such as blindness, amputation, nerve damage, heart problems, kidney disease, etc. Others have experienced no chronic complications, but want to utilize our services, learn more about diabetes, and be part of a caring support group. In addition to reaching out to fellow diabetics who may be finding it difficult to cope with problems that accompany diabetes, we provide support and information to interested persons.

National Association of Blind Merchants of Oregon

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Since its inception in 1936, the federal Randolph-Sheppard program has become the most effective government employment program for the blind. Today some one thousand blind entrepreneurs operate businesses on federal property throughout the United States, ranging from full-service restaurants and cafeterias to vending machine stocking and maintenance operations. All of these businessmen and women are now adversely affected by the shutdown of the federal government, which has been in place for over a week now. 

The impact on these small businesses is severe. Al Falligan and Raj Mehta, who between them operate 139 vending machines in the vast Atlanta complex of the Centers for Disease Control, have not only lost the sales those machines would have generated
but will likely have to dispose of most, if not all, of their current inventory as the shelf life of the goods expires. As always, the effect on these businesses also extends to their employees. William D. “Willie” Black, who operates Willie B’s Cafe at the Internal Revenue Service facility in Ogden, Utah, had already been forced to lay off five of his eleven employees because of budget cuts; he has now had to lay off the remaining six due to the shutdown. Similarly, Steve Saltzman, who runs two cafeterias in the Dallas area, has been unable to pay his six full-time and one part-time employees. And unlike federal employees, who (while they are certainly suffering) may ultimately be compensated for their lost pay by Congress, these vendors and their employees have no way to recover their losses and will not be compensated for the revenue and paychecks they didn’t receive or the inventory they can’t use.

Randolph-Sheppard vendors are businessmen and women who serve the dedicated employees of our federal government and who are trying to live the American dream by doing so. The National Federation of the Blind, and its division the National Association of Blind Merchants, supports these hard-working individuals. We demand that our political leaders end the government shutdown as soon as possible so that our blind brothers and sisters can get back to work.

National Association of Blind Merchants of Oregon
Oregon Association of Blind Students

The Oregon Association of Blind Students provides support, information, and encouragement to blind college and university students. OABS offers resources in issues such as testing, accessible textbooks and materials, overcoming negative attitudes about blindness from school personnel, developing new techniques of accomplishing laboratory or field assignments, and many other college experiences.
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